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New Classmate PC is a Hybrid Netbook Tablet

New Classmate PC is a Hybrid Netbook Tablet

Educating the young, especially in less developed countries has been proven to be a great way in the long run to develop a country. Intel's first Classmate PC was part of such a program that sought to market a low-cost portable PC for the education sector. The chip giant has now revamped the design, updated the internals and is now ready to push out a new Classmate PC.

Ars Technica - Today, Intel introduced the latest reference design in its low-cost, education-oriented Classmate PC program. As you'd expect, the hardware now supports an updated version of the Atom processor series, and can optionally include GPS and the latest wireless technologies. But the real news here may be the emphasis that Intel is placing on developing an ecosystem focused on early education, which suggests it sees a large potential for growth here.

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