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MSI R7000 Power Edition Graphics Cards Launched

MSI R7000 Power Edition Graphics Cards Launched

MSI introduces three R7000 Power Edition graphics cards - R7850 Power Edition 2GD5/OC, R7770 Power Edition 1GD5/OC and R7750 Power Edition 1GD5/OC.

Equipped with MSI's Twin Frozr IV Thermal design, the R7850 Power Edition incorporates dual 8cm Propeller Blade technology fans, enabling airflow and rapid heat dissipation to reduce GPU temperature by up to 22℃. Both the R7770 and R7750 Power Edition cards feature the MSI TransThermal design, allowing customization of their graphics cards fan setup, be it single fan, dual fan, or stacked fan.

In addition, the Power Edition architecture, which the three cards employ, enables Triple Overvoltage inside MSI Afterburner. The GPU/Memory/VDDCI voltages can be adjusted to extract every ounce of performance from the graphics card and gives up to 45% overclocking potential. The enhanced PWM provides more power than the reference design to improve power delivery and stability under the high loads experienced during overclocking.

Source: MSI

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