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Motorola Mobility to Adopt and Promote

Motorola Mobility Embraces

The HomeGrid Forum has today confirmed that Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE: MMI) joins its growing membership. Motorola has joined an increasingly diversified range of companies and is expected to take an active role in promoting technology as a global standard for fast, powerful wireline home networking. technology provides a high performance platform within the home for Motorola’s wide range of end user devices and its strategy of encouraging "connection between our home and mobile lives".

"Our membership is growing in numbers and also in stature," said HomeGrid Forum President Matthew Theall. "Motorola is one of many major equipment manufacturers and global players to recognize the potential of for its customers and we are delighted that they have chosen to step in at this critical point as Certification is being finalized along with silicon ready for deployments".

Motorola adds a further consumer-oriented dimension to the membership with its focus on end customers, innovative end products and the customer experience. provides the fastest networking speeds available, supporting Motorola’s vision of providing “constant transparent connectivity designed to make people’s lives easier, more efficient and more connected". The company is developing a number of major application areas, including multi-screen media management, software applications and services, companion devices and adaptive video streaming, all of which will be enabled by the exceptional speeds and performance that can achieve over coaxial cable, phone lines, and power lines.

Motorola joins a wide range of global companies that have recognized the potential of, from chipmakers to service providers, equipment manufacturers and consumer suppliers, leaders of the communications and consumer electronics industries are moving to to take advantage of its technology strengths, growing success and impact on the market.

Larry Robinson, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Home Devices, Motorola Mobility, said: "Our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of technologies and to offer the best networking in the home that is available today. has enormous potential and is moving fast towards Certification, so it makes sense for us to join the organization that will drive this standard forward and the technology’s success in the market. We look forward to working with our colleagues in the HomeGrid Forum to create a powerful offering for our customers with a range of consumer devices that make best use of technology".

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