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Microsoft's Midori OS Still Alive and In Progress

Microsoft's Midori OS Still Alive and In Progress

Microsoft has been working on a new operating system called Midori for a couple of years. Besides developing their Windows operating systems, Midori is the company's new operating system, believed to be designed around Singularity that was a Microsoft Research microkernel operating system.

The operating system was referenced during a presentation last month at the OOPSLA 2012 conference. A number of Microsoft employees presented a paper titled "Uniqueness and Reference Immutability for Safe Parallelism" during the conference. In the paper, Microsoft outlined what is described as a prototype extension to C# that supports safe task and data parallelism.

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley managed to locate the link to the research paper and she wrote that the large project that was referenced in the paper is actually the Microsoft Midori initiative. In addition, she pointed out a recent job advertisement that called for a software architect to help develop a concurrent programming model. It seems that the company is hiring an all-star development team for this project. It is known that not all Microsoft incubation projects come to fruition; however, based on her insightful knowledge and experience, Ms. Foley opined that the Midori project may prove us wrong, given how long the Redmond software company has been working on it.

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