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Microsoft Surface 2.0 Ready for Pre-Order in Singapore and 22 Other Countries

Microsoft Surface 2.0 Ready for Pre-Order in Singapore and 22 other Countries Worldwide

The Microsoft Surface 2.0 Samsung SUR40 can be the centerpiece of your living room instead of your SmartTV or 3D-enabled television set. It is a 40-inch touchscreen tablet that runs on Windows 7 and can be mounted on a wall, used as a table or embedded into any fixture for your computing needs.

The technical details have been highlighted here in an earlier news article but the device's availability was hindered by delivery delays. The estimated price of the device is approximately US$8,400 and its main target market are commercial business and professional audience, including education, professional services, healthcare and retail.

Surface was first launched in 2007 and depended on five infrared cameras to sense objects, hand gestures, and touch on the screen and then it processes that input. Surface 2.0 does away with the cameras with its new PixelSense which allows the LCD to process inputs with more than 50 simultaneous touch points on its screen.

Microsoft has made available the Surface 2.0 SDK for application developers interested in software development for Surface 2.0 and participating in growing the ecosystem of Surface 2.0. The Surface is already for pre-order and you can get in touch with our local Samsung representative for more details.

Source: ECT News Network

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