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Microsoft Scroogled Ad Attacks Android's Privacy Policy

Microsoft Scroogled Ad Attacks Android's Privacy Policy

It's no secret that Microsoft isn't a big fan of Google. Five months ago the software giant even launched an anti-Google campaign, Scroogled, which has targeted Google services such as Gmail and Google Shopping. This week sees a new spin on the anti-Google Campaign, which has now turned its sights on Android's privacy policies. 

The campaign is attacking Android's privacy policy of supplying the personal information of users who purchase apps from Google Play to app developers. New videos have appeared on the Scroogled website, urging users to try Microsoft's search engine, Bing, instead of Google search, while another video urges Android users to switch over to Windows Phones. Once the world's most influential technology company, Microsoft has fallen behind Google and appears to have launched the Scroogled campaign with hopes of getting consumers to favor their products and services over Google's.  

Source: Scroogled via Associated Press

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