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Microsoft to Release Cross-Platform Games

Microsoft to Release Cross-Platform Games

Some of you might not see this particular news about cross-platform guys as important. But we do, for the fact that Microsoft is intending to capture as much market share as possible across its offerings. And more importantly, savings. One game, for multiple platforms, equates to less money spent on buying different versions of the same game on a different console / device / system.

Download Squad - Holy synchronicity, Batman! Microsoft is preparing to offer games that can be played across Windows, WIndows Phone AND Xbox. That's right: one game, three systems. It doesn't matter that the input method for each platform is different; you'll be able to play these games by keyboard, controller, or accelerometer. My little gamer heart just grew three sizes!

But for all its worth, these cross-platform games would have to be compatible across all three platforms. Needless to say, the codes will have to be very similar, yet you'll find some subtle differences in gameplay. Check out an analysis of what this means for Microsoft here.


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