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Microsoft to Debut Windows 8 This October

Microsoft to Debut Windows 8 This October

Microsoft is set to complete working on Windows 8 this summer.

Sources say that the PCs and tablets running on the OS will go on sale around October and these devices in the initial rollout will include INTC and ARM chips, which means that Microsoft is using the same kind of processors as Apple's iPad.

The timing for the Windows 8 has not been announced, but the release would allow Microsoft to boost sales lost to the iPad, including the recent launch of the new iPad, and recharge the sluggish PC market.

“If they miss the September-October time frame, they’re going to be stuck without being able to ship anything in 2012,” said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Stamford, Connecticut- based Gartner Inc. “The last thing Microsoft wants to have is a situation where there are no compelling Windows tablets at a time when the new iPad looks like it’s going to be a good seller for the holidays.”

Also, Microsoft is hosting an event for its industry partners in early April, and is expected to spell out release strategy for Windows 8, including more details on timing and marketing.

Source: Bloomberg

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