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Location-based Provider ShowNearby Releases First Business Intelligence Tool

Location-based Provider ShowNearby Releases Business Intelligence Tool

Singapore, March 31, 2010 -- Singapore's location-based service provider, ShowNearby, launches its Analytics tool to provide business intelligence solutions for Singapore's private, people and public sectors. Using web 2.0 technologies and OneMap, ShowNearby Analytics packages geospatial content to provide businesses and individuals with location search, and assessment solutions. Public data from Singapore Department of Statistics forms the tool's underlying demographic input. 

ShowNearby Analytics is also part of a Call-for-Collaboration by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) to invite companies to propose innovative services for a pilot initiative known as i-Singapore. Through i-Singapore, IDA aims to catalyse the development of innovative services that will create new business opportunities, improve lifestyle choices and decision-making.

"ShowNearby is committed to provide location-based services and solutions for the community - business and individual users. It has always been our in-depth interest to integrate our innovative capabilities for location-based services," said Douglas Gan, ShowNearby's CEO and Founder.

"We believe our beta offerings will help users to obtain relevant data to solve their critical needs. Incorporating OneMap, ShowNearby Analytics is essentially a location-based, business intelligence tool which was developed as part of IDA's i-Singapore initiative to encourage greater use for geo-data," added Douglas.

This web-based tool provides intelligent, geo-spatial content from which the users gather online, and it allows business users to evaluate complementary and competing businesses especially for the education, food and beverage industries, and health industries. Business owners can rely on this analytical tool to monitor and evaluate nearby businesses, amenities, and demographics as well.

Business owners can use ShowNearby Analytics as a location search tool to plan and set up their next restaurants (including fast food chains), petrol stations, convenience stores, childcare branches, medical clinics, dental clinics, and nursing homes. Using the predefined filters, these users can scan neighborhoods or specific areas to survey existing businesses to determine competitiveness and compatibility, and plan subsequent business development efforts.

Users will also find the database of automated teller machines, and public transport stations (i.e., Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), and bus interchanges) critical to help them determine customer traffic flow. Such criteria or filters are designed to provide a comprehensive, layering search. Users can also rely on demographic input from Singapore's public data to understand breakdowns in terms of education, employment, population, and household income.

Home buyers use ShowNearby Analytics to scan neighbourhoods before making investment decisions. These users can preset their criteria or filters like bus stops, car parks, electronic road pricing (ERP) gantries, hospitals, hotels, MRT, police posts, and schools to generate a report for specific geo-location or see a list of recommended areas. In addition, this tool provides location accessibility details.

ShowNearby also offers customized solutions for businesses that aim to leverage on location-based intelligence technology to enhance customer experience, targeted marketing and location analysis. 

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