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LinkedIn Acquires Pulse Newsreader for US$90 Million

LinkedIn Acquires Pulse Newsreader for US$90 Million


Professional network LinkedIn has recently confirmed its acquisition of news reading app, Pulse Newsreader. Mashable, the deal is worth about US$90 million, with 90% being paid in stock, and 10% in cash. Pulse Newsreader works like Flipboard, in the sense that it takes news from multiple sources, and arranges them in a visually appealing manner -- which usually means plenty of pictures. 


It's not clear how LinkedIn and Pulse will integrate, but Pulse says its apps will remain unaltered for now. "We’re still working together on the product you love, and will continue to provide an innovative and visual news reading experience," Pulse's co-founders wrote on their company blog. "For now, the Pulse apps will remain the same, and our two teams are excited to work together to create cool and useful new offerings," they added.

Source: All Things D, via Mashable

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