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Lenovo Shows Off 27-inch Ideacentre Horizon Table PC

Lenovo Shows Off 27-inch Ideacentre Horizon Table PC


If you already had enough of Windows 8 tablets, how about a 27-inch Windows 8 interactive table instead? That's what Lenovo revealed today together with barrage of new Windows 8 products at CES 2013. 

The Ideacentre Horizon Table PC does exactly what its name suggests. Users can lay the massive Full HD (1080p) display down flat, turning it into an interactive table that allows for multiple users concurrently. 

There's also an proprietary user interface called "Aura" for users to switch between pre-loaded multiplayer games or multimedia content. To make the most out of its horizontal multi-user mode, the machine will also come with four joysticks and an e-dice for multiplayer games. 

As a casual family PC, the Horizon Table PC will come with the usual Intel Core processors, a relatively weak NVIDIA Geforce GT 620M GPU, and a maximum storage capacity of 1TB. The machine will be available for retail in early summer with an estimated price of US$1,699.

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