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Latest Steam Hardware Survey Indicates Intel & NVIDIA Dominance

Latest Steam Hardware Survey Indicates Intel & NVIDIA Dominance

Valve collects a rich treasure trove of information using their Steam digital distribution service, and the findings from the month of January reveals that Intel and NVIDIA continues to lead AMD/ATI in the processor and graphics market. According to findings, about 65% of users are using NVIDIA cards, whereas a stagger 69.1% of users are powered by an Intel processor.

The Tech Report - Valve highlights the graphics and processor data, and there, both Nvidia and Intel continue to dominate AMD. GeForces capture 65% of the graphics pie, and Intel processors can be found in 69.1% of Steam users' PCs. Valve says almost a quarter (24%) of Steam systems now have four CPU cores, as well, while at the other end of the spectrum, only 18.1% of systems still pack good old single-core processors.

Other interesting findings include the GeForce 8800 behind the most popular graphics card, as well as 1280 x 1024 as being the most widely used resolution. To read the original article and to see findings of the survey, click here.

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