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Kindle Fire Rules Android Tablet Market in the U.S.

Kindle Fire Rules Android Tablet Market in the U.S.

App analytics firm Localytics has released information regarding Android tablets. According to their findings, Android devices in the US account for more than half  (59 percent) of the total, global Android tablet market share. The data has been collected from approximately 500 million Android devices worldwide which have the Localytics app integrated into their systems.

But more surprisingly, the Kindle Fire family of products has been identified as the most popular global Android tablet. Apparently one out of three Android tablets is an Amazon device residing in the US. While, Amazon does not actively push its hardware outside of  America and Great Britain, it seems that their strategy to roll out the hardware to a limited market with their other services integrated is paying dividends.

It is also telling to see the brilliantly designed Nexus 7 from Google lags behind competitors such as Nook and Samsung. Apparently good distribution and supply chain management are essential for success in today's day and age.

Source: Localytics via Arstechnica

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