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JooJoo Tablet Gets Dissected

JooJoo Tablet Gets Dissected

We're sure everyone's had their fill of all the iPad news that's been flooding the web over the weekend. But lest you forget - before the iPad was launched over the weekend, the JooJoo tablet has reportedly started shipping to consumers, though there were delays and even canceled orders. But before we do spot an all-out battle between these two tablets, the folks at Engadget got their hands on a unit and started stripping it apart.

Engadget - So yes, Fusion Garage is actually shipping these to mere mortals today, and just in case you were curious about the insides, one of our engineering tipsters put his Harvard skills to good use by breaking into the casing and having a glance at the nuts and bolts.

So if you're fascinated by the bare essentials of the JooJoo tablet, or just want something to read other than the iPad news, hop on over here.

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