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Internet Explorer Market Share Below 60%

Internet Explorer Market Share Below 60%

Yet another sign of Microsoft's crumbling empire perhaps - its once-dominant Internet Explorer browser has now fallen to below 60% in market share, according to Net Applications. Google's Chrome has been one of big gainers, exceeding Safari, though it's still some way off Firefox, which held steady at around 24%. With IE9 months away from a public preview, expect IE's market share to continue to slide.

Conceivably Tech - Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dropped to a historic market share low in April, according to Net Applications. The company estimated IE’s market share at 59.95% in April, which is about the range that was reached by Internet Explorer 4 more than 11 years ago in early 1999. The big winner was once again Google’s Chrome browser, which maintained a double-digit growth rate and is now more than 2 points ahead of Apple’s Safari browser, which it surpassed four months ago.

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