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Intel's Haswell to Launch on 2 June

Intel's Haswell to Launch on 2 June

According to DigiTimes, Intel is planning to launch its fourth-generation Intel Core CPUs. These chips sport a new processor microarchitecture that is codenamed Haswell. There have been official announcements heralding these chips; however, this report boldly stamps an exact date of their arrival.

The company is also allegedly planning to showcase the Haswell processors at Computex 2013 that is held in Taiwan from June 04 to 08. The lineup of the 4th generation Intel Core processors comprises five Core i7 ones and nine Core i5 chips. The Haswell chips will feature onboard Intel HD Graphics 4600, as well as a new integrated memory controller that will run at speeds up to 1600MHz. Adopters of the Haswell processors will also need to upgrade to motherboards that feature the new LGA 1150 socket, with a Lynx Point platform controller hub that features H81, H87 and Z87 chipsets respectively.

Intel has forecasted that the new platform will account for 14-16% of its total CPU shipments in the third quarter of this year. DigiTime also reported that with the growing demand for Windows 8 operating system that will drive the PC sales, the PC market is expected to recover in the same quarter as well.

(Source: DigiTimes, CPU World)

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