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Intel Outlines Plans for the Year at CES 2013

Intel Outlines Plans for the Year at CES 2013

The theme for Intel this year is obvious. Mobile.

The company has long dominated desktop computing, but it missed out on the mobile market just as smartphones and tablets were picking up. Now, the mobile market is dominated by various ARM-based processors.

To rectify this, Intel is announcing a new platform for phones. Codenamed "Lexington", this new platform was designed for value smartphones in emerging markets, and the reference phone design from Intel looks interesting and promising. And according to Intel, Acer, Safaricom, and Lava will be making phones on this platform.

Intel also announced its new Atom microarchitecture, "Bay Trail". It has a new 22nm design, will be quad-core, and will offer twice the performance of "Clover Trail" systems. It can run both Windows 8 or Android.

Finally, Intel also announced its new 4th generation Core processors. Codenamed "Haswell", these processors are the first to be designed specifically for Ultrabooks and Intel claims that the new processors will offer the greatest in battery life increase, generation over generation, in the history of Intel. Crucially, Intel also stated that touch as well as WiDi, will be a requirement for all Ultrabooks using these new processors.

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