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Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs Officially Released

Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs Officially Released

Intel has officially released its new 22nm Ivy Bridge series that comprises both desktop and mobile computing processors. According to what we had highlighted with regards to the prices of the Ivy Bridge CPUs, there were no surprises; however, there are no price reductions for the Sandy Bridge CPUs for now. The pricing list for Intel processors is available here. The prices are in US dollars and applicable in quantities of 1K.

With reference to the table above, we noticed that the dual-core Core i5-3470T is missing from the current lineup of Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge CPUs. It is supposed to replace the existing Intel Core i5-2390T (Sandy Bridge). There are no missing CPUs from the new Intel Core i7 processor lineup and its top-of-the-line CPU, Intel Core i7-3770K is priced at US$332, an increment of US$19 from its stipulated launch price. The other Core i7 CPUs are i7-3770, i7-3770S and i7-3770T. All models have 4 CPU cores, Hyper-Threading and 8 MB L3 cache, with rated core clock speeds from 2.5 GHz to 3.5 GHz.

A quick check with the local retailers revealed that the Ivy Bridge CPUs for sale are as follows:-

  • Intel Core i5-3450
  • Intel Core i5-3550
  • Intel Core i5-3570K
  • Intel Core i7-3770

According to an informal poll on our forum, the most wanted (not surprisingly) Ivy Bridge processor is the Intel Core i7-3770K while in runner-up position is the Intel Core i5-3570K. This may be a probable explanation for unavailability of the former as it may have been snatched up by our local power users already! Do check the price lists of our local retailers here for more accurate pricing information.

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