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Intel to Disclose Details of Next Generation Chips at IDF Next Week

Intel to Disclose Details of Next Generation Chips at IDF Next Week

It's going to be an extremely hectic schedule for the tech community next week as we look forward to major announcements from tech companies like Apple and Intel. We already know that Apple started sending out invites to what is apparently the launch of the next iPhone. And to add on to that, Intel will be holding its annual Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco at the same time.

What we do know so far are Intel's plans for the next generation of Core processors codenamed Haswell. Known as the fourth generation Intel Core processor SoC, it will be the 'tock' in Intel's Tick-Tock chip development model where we can expect the introduction of a new microarchitecture following a die shrink from the recently launched Ivy Bridge processors.

The new Haswell processors will be based on their 22nm 3D tri-gate transistor technology and it will feature a densely packed processor with even lower power consumption. According to Intel's global marketing lead, Rob Deline, the new processor will be built from the ground up with the Ultrabook in mind. With Haswell, the average tech consumer can expect the next generation of Ultrabooks to be even faster, slimmer, lighter and run longer than before. Today's Ivy Bridge-based Ultrabooks using ULV processors consume up to 17W of power and Intel expects to further cut this down to 10W on Haswell. This would mean lighter Ultrabooks as requirements for a smaller heatsink would help reduce weight while a more efficient processor would prolong battery life. 

Intel publicly acknowledge that they are betting big on Ultrabooks and they are working hard to bring a new level of experience with these ultra portable computing devices. The next 4th generation processor will only play a part in the entire experience as we will be expecting Intel to also make announcements on their progress in other areas like hand gestures, facial recognition and voice processing since such technologies will be key to bringing users a more interactive computing platform. We do not know for certain how all that is going to integrate with the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, but we're excited to see how all these technologies will ultimately transform the way we work and play in the future.

Intel says there will be more touch-based PCs this year and we'll be expecting to see as many as 40 new touchscreen Ultrabook models from OEMs. Convertible designs will be making its debut as well and some of these will go head on to compete with Microsoft's Surface tablets. Expect to see some of these convertible Ultrabook designs from OEMs including Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba next week while over 20 different tablet designs (some convertibles) based on the next generation Atom SoC (Clover Trail) will be showcased.

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