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Intel Demos Light Peak Equipped Laptop

Intel Demos Light Peak Equipped Laptop

We love tech demos, especially demos that work as advertised with mega awesome goodness. Intel's demo of Light Peak at its first European research showcase manages to impress. Featuring a capability to upload and download at 10Gbits/s at the same time, the technology uses light to transmit data between connections. The best part? 10Gbit/s is just the baseline, it can and will increase to even higher numbers as Intel claims that there's "almost no limit to the bandwidth". - Intel has provided the first hands-on demonstration of a laptop running its Light Peak technology, at the company's inaugural European research showcase here in Brussels.

Light Peak is an optical interconnect that can transfer data at 10Gbits/sec in both directions. Intel hopes Light Peak will one day replace the host of other PC interconnects, including USB, DisplayPort and HDMI.

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