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Instagram's Number of Daily Active Users Exceeds Twitter's

Instagram's Number of Daily Active Users Exceeds Twitter's

According to fresh data from comScore, Instagram now has more daily active users than Twitter.

That number grew from 900,000 earlier this year to a whopping 7.3 million in August, compared to Twitter's 6.9 million. Although Twitter managed to obtain 29 million unique visitors versus Instagram's 21 million, the data shows that Instagram users returned more frequently and spent more time interacting with the app.

The typical Instagram user spends an average of 257 minutes each month browsing and taking photos, while a typical Twitter user spends 170 minutes browsing and reading bite-sized text messages.

According to All Things D, these numbers are not only indicative of Instagram's massive appeal and money-making potential, it also highlights "a massive shift in user traffic to mobile devices...". However, All Things D also mentioned that the data collected using comScore's Mobile Metrix 2.0 does not include users under 18 years of age, plus the online analytical tool was only launched in May.

"It's likely that Twitter could have achieved this richer, more visually oriented look if it had tried to buy Instagram. And, indeed, Twitter did try, yet failed to beat Mark Zuckerberg's billion dollar offer. Must sting a bit to see the app that got away now flourish in the hands of your greatest competitor" - Mike Isaac, All Things D.

The report also suggests that the numbers generated are determined by how users interact with Instagram and Twitter. Instagram's service consists of photos and text, which needs more time to be taken in, while Twitter's service consists primarily of text (peppered with the occasional photo or video) which allows users to browse through them at a faster pace.

Source: All Things D, via Wired

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