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HTC to Bump Up Shipments of Butterfly to Meet Strong Demand

HTC to Bump Up Shipments of Butterfly to Meet Strong Demand

Since its launch in Japan on 17th October, the HTC J Buttery proves to be a very popular handset among consumers as the first wave of shipments had fallen short of demand. The statement was made by HTC CEO Peter Chou at a joint news conference with Chunghwa Telecom Co., Taiwan's biggest telecom operator. 

Focus Taiwan - "Based on our initial feedback, the phone has become very popular in Japan and we have been endeavoring to boost our shipments, " HTC CEO Peter Chou said.

Another senior executive, Jack Tong, the President of HTC North Asia, added on that the company has plans to ship "a large number" of phones at the end of December. According to Focus Taiwan, the Butterfly (international variant) will go on sale in Taiwan later this month with a price tag of US$788 (approximately S$962 at point of publication).

When queried about HTC's product strategy for 2013, Tong asserts that the company will extend the product life cycle of its flagship models while expanding its presence in the affordable phone segment.

Locally, HTC has launched a good mix of high-end and midrange phone models which include the HTC One X, One XL, One X+, One S, Windows Phone 8X, Windows Phone 8S, and One SV. The HTC Butterfly will be coming to Singapore, but a local spokesperson stated that no launch date has been confirmed at the moment. You can also expect to see more 5-inch devices from the other phone makers in 2013.

Source: Focus Taiwan via AndroidandMe

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