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HomeGrid Forum & HomePNA Alliance Merge

HomeGrid Forum & HomePNA Alliance Merge

HomeGrid Forum and the HomePNA Alliance have announced that they’ve merged to create a single organization focused on promoting advanced wired home networking technologies. The combined organization comes under the HomeGrid Forum banner, and aims to promote the smooth transition of all current generation wireline home networking technologies to

For the uninitated, (short for Gigabit Home Networking) defines unified networking over power lines, phone lines, and coaxial cables with data rates of up to 1Gbps, and is developed under the ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector). Right at the time products are starting to ship, this merger creates an organization that will guide those planning new networks based on as well as migrating from earlier network technologies to There will also be continued support for the installed base of over 40 million certified HomePNA devices.

After the merger, the HomeGrid Forum industry alliance has over 70 members, including 28 service providers, and some of the largest OEMs, ODMs, and retailers in the world.

Source: HomeGrid Forum.

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