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Google Turns To HTML5 for Gmail's Drag-and-Drop Attachments

Google Turns To HTML5 for Gmail's Drag-and-Drop Attachments

It sure looks like HTML5 is the way to go judging from how the Internet is evolving. It is the next generation of markup language to surface (and deployed) on the web and is arguably less dependent on plug-ins. However, it is still very much in its infancy, and not many browsers support it wholesale as yet. For now, at least, Google has exploited yet another key feature with HTML5 - its new drag and drop feature in Gmail, where you can simply drag a file off your desktop and dump it into the "compose window".

Webmonkey - Google continues to use HTML5 to push its web apps into the future. The latest bit of HTML5 to feel Google’s love is drag-and-drop support, which is now a standard part of Gmail. If you’re using Google Chrome 4 or Firefox 3.6, you can now simply drag a file from your desktop onto a message window and Gmail will automatically attach the file. The new feature solves one of the most common complaints from web app users — why can’t I just drag and drop files like I do everywhere else? Well, thanks to the new APIs in HTML5, you can.

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