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Google Testing Self-Driving Cars

Google Testing Self-Driving Cars

Imagine, if you will, the city of the future, where you are driven by cars, without the need of a driver. Fiction? It might be a reality, judging from what Google is doing right now. The company has announced on its blog that it has commenced tests on fully automated cars that will put the controls into the hands of the auto pilot.

Reuters - Google, in a posting on its official blog, said it has developed the technology and been busy testing a fully automated car that would take the controls out of the hands of distracted drivers, leaving them free to text, eat or apply makeup to their heart's content.

"Our goal is to help prevent traffic accidents, free up people's time and reduce carbon emissions by fundamentally changing car use," Google said on its blog.

As cool as it sounds, the inner geek in us wonders - how safe is it? Not just on the roads, but the possibility of having a massive takeover by the machines ala Terminator or The Matrix. Seriously though, fully automated vehicles can be the future, and if you want a glimpse of it, check out the full story over here.

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