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Google Search Revamped for Tablets

Google Search Revamped for Tablets

Google is well known for its search engine, and it's safe to say that the company will want the best experience for its users. Recently, Google Search got a revamp, presenting a much cleaner and intuitive interface. This interface is now available on your tablets, specifically on Apple's iPads and Google's range of Android 3.1 devices.

Improvements on the search interface includes a larger text font, buttons and other touch targets to make it easier to locate and click on. Portrait and landscape views are also appropriately optimized, with a new tab that appears when you click on the Search button.

Quick access to specific search functions for images, videos, places, shopping and many more are seen on the tab. In particular, images are given a stronger focus, with larger image previews to make the search process easier than before.

Over the next few days, you should see the revamped Google Search interface on your tablets, and it will be available across 36 languages.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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