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Google Redirects Chinese Users to HK for Uncensored Search

Google Redirects Chinese Users to HK for Uncensored Search

We all knew that Google was going to have to live up to its promise on not censoring search results in China anymore, but the company has a rather ingenious way of doing so. Instead, users at gets redirected to the HK version, where it's presumably not censored (yet). Bets on how long the Chinese government takes to block in five, four, three ...

Ars Technica - Google has officially stopped censoring search results in China, but in a somewhat roundabout way. no longer works as a search portal—instead, visitors are being directed to Google's service based out of Hong Kong, where taboo topics are not regulated by the Chinese government.

Google's page reads (translated) "Welcome to Google Search in China's new home." It seems pretty clear that Google is happy with shutting down its China-based domain in favor of Hong Kong. It's also highly likely that Chinese officials will scramble to block uncensored results from via its Great Firewall. Google says that it's currently monitoring "access issues," and that it has set up an App Status Dashboard to show what's currently accessible in mainland China and what's not.

Check out Google's official blog post here or Ars Technica's take here.