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Google Play Music Hits Seven More Countries

Google Play Music Hits Seven More Countries


Google just announced that Google Play Music has arrived in seven more countries. Users in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria, Ireland and Portugal will now be able to store up to 20,000 songs in the Google Play cloud for free. Pre-purchased songs can be uploaded to Google Music, while new ones could be bought via the Music service. These songs can then be streamed or downloaded onto mobile devices for listening anywhere.

Take note however, that only Android devices running Android 2.2 and above would be able to install the Google Music App. According to SlashGear, this update comes after Google rolled-out a Google Play Store interface revamp yesterday, as well as Google Play Movies in Mexico and India last month. Before this announcement, Google Music was only available in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, France and Italy.

There's no additional information on when this service will arrive in Singapore, or other parts of the region. However, users who are interested in trying out Google Play for themselves could always install  Tunnel Bear (a free VPN service that doesn't require Root access) on their Android devices to sign up for it. Meanwhile, there are other music services that are said to be launching in Singapore soon, so keep a lookout for them here. 

Source: Google Play (Google Plus), SlashGear

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