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Google Maps Lets You Tour the Grand Canyon at Your Convenience

Google Maps Lets You Tour the Grand Canyon at Your Convenience

Google Maps is releasing panoramic imagery of the Grand Canyon, one of the world's most breathtaking and remote natural wonders. The first ever Street View Trekker expedition brings these beautiful, interactive images to you, covering more than 75 miles of trails and surrounding roads, making the map of this area even more comprehensive, accurate, and easier to use than before.

Take a walk down the narrow trails and exposed paths of the Grand Canyon: hike down the famous Bright Angel Trail, gaze out at the mighty Colorado River, and explore scenic overlooks in full 360-degrees. You’ll be happy you’re virtually hiking once you get to the steep inclines of the South Kaibab Trail. And rather than drive a couple hours to see the nearby Meteor Crater, a click of your mouse or tap of your finger will transport you to the rim of this otherworldly site.

This breathtaking imagery collection was made possible with the Trekker. The Google team strapped on the Android-operated 18-kg backpacks carrying the 15-lens camera system and wound along the rocky terrain on foot, enduring temperature swings and a few muscle cramps along the way. Together, more than 9,500 panoramas of this masterpiece of nature are now available on Google Maps.

So no matter where you are, you don’t have to travel far or wait for warmer weather to explore Grand Canyon National Park. Check out some of Google's favorite views on its World Wonders site where you can find more information, facts and figures about the Grand Canyon, or in the updated Street View gallery, and happy (virtual) hiking!

Source: Google Blog

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