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Google Bringing Adobe Flash to Chrome

Google Bringing Adobe Flash to Chrome

On its open-source Chromium blog, Google has just announced that it will integrated Flash Player into Chrome. This means that users will not need to download a separate plugin for Flash. By doing so, Google hopes to work together with Adobe to improve the security of the plugin and also provide automatic updates, something that has plagued users who do not update their Flash player.

Chromium Blog - Adobe Flash Player is the most widely used web browser plug-in. It enables a wide range of applications and content on the Internet, from games, to video, to enterprise apps. The traditional browser plug-in model has enabled tremendous innovation on the web, but it also presents challenges for both plug-ins and browsers. The browser plug-in interface is loosely specified, limited in capability and varies across browsers and operating systems. This can lead to incompatibilities, reduction in performance and some security headaches.

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