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Google Apps Hits $1 Billion in Revenue This Year

Google Apps Hits $1 Billion in Revenue This Year

While Google has more or less conquered the mobile tech space, it hasn't just stopped there. According to unnamed sources, Wall Street Journal has recently reported that the big giant has "generated around $1 billion from the sale of Google Apps and separate mapping software to businesses and governments" over the past year. To add on, its push into the business tech market has now seen "more than five million businesses use Google" though as an aside, "the vast majority have fewer than 10 users and thus use the free version". Looks like Google's decision to cease free signups for its Google apps will see the figure go up in time to come:

Wall Street Journal - "Google has made other moves to generate revenue from businesses that used its services for free. Last year, Google began charging businesses such as mobile app makers that access Google Maps more than 25,000 times per day. This year, Google began charging retailers seeking to be included in its Google Shopping service."

Nonetheless, Google has mentioned that there are now "more than 40 million people use the free and paid versions of Google Apps".

Sources: BGR and Wall Street Journal

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