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Gmail Edges Hotmail as World's Top Email Service

Gmail Edges Hotmail as World's Most Popular Email Service

Google has finally overtaken Hotmail as the world's most popular email service. This is according to Internet analytics firm comScore who stated that for their October data, Gmail overtook Hotmail with 287.9 million unique worldwide visitors versus 286.2 million for Hotmail.

In June this year, Gmail announced that it had over 425 million unique visitors; however, its reported figure differed greatly from the numbers tracked by comScore who reported 289 million users. This large discrepancy may be due to the fact that comScore does not keep track of mobile usage.

For the month of October, Yahoo Mail ranked third with 281.7 million active users but it takes pole position in the United States, with 76.7 million active users against 69.1 million Gmail users and 35.5 million users for Hotmail. Overall, the number of unique visitors to all three web-based email providers is down, which GigaOm has possibly attributed to the recent introduction of Microsoft’s Outlook and AOL’s Alto.

In terms of global market share, Yahoo and Gmail are competing on the same front, with both companies counting their highest number of unique visitors in the United States, Japan, India, United Kingdom and France. Hotmail sings to a slightly different tune as its highest number of unique visitors hail from not only the United States, United Kingdom and France, but also Brazil and Mexico.

(Source: comScore via GigaOM)