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A Glimpse of Sony's PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment

A Glimpse of Sony's PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment

You've probably heard of Sony's PlayStation Move and its motion sensing controllers. Well, we might not be able to wrap our fingers around this sweet little toy till more months roll by, but heck, this is one pretty shooting attachment if you can grow to love that glowing orb at the muzzle as well. Here's how it works. The Move's motion controller is designed to rest horizontally within the attachment, while the gun's trigger is interlocked with the Move’s “T” button as part of its electronic firing mechanism.

Geek.com - Shooting the aliens and/or the zombies will never be the same with the new $20 shooting attachment, available this Fall, designed specifically for the new PlayStation 3 motion controller that Sony unveiled yesterday at the E3 show in Los Angeles. It snaps directly onto your PlayStation Move motion controller, allowing you to hold it like a gun and shoot the baddies in Move-enhanced games. 

Ray gun, stun gun, or Buck Rogers gun. It doesn't really matter what you think of Sony's new zapper when zapping baddies is this cool. More on Sony's PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment here

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