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Geneva Lab Presents Model XS

Geneva Lab Presents Model XS

World's First Portable Hi-Fi System

SINGAPORE - The Geneva Sound System Model XS is the world’s first portable audio system with true Hi-Fi sound. Inspired by the classic travel clock, it comes in a leather-wrapped clamshell case, about the size of an eyeglass case, that flips open to deliver rich and detailed sound. Closed, it’s a stylish accessory small enough to slip into any briefcase.

Never before has a hi-fi system been integrated into a case designed for a travel lifestyle. Geneva Sound System Model XS solves this problem with simplicity and elegance. It hides the speakers, amplifiers, radio and alarm clock inside the case, covered in a choice of Geneva’s trademark red, white or black finishes.

Once opened, a compact yet powerful hi-fi system is revealed, with a digital amplifier and stereo speakers that play mid and high frequencies with absolute accuracy, and a woofer capable of producing robust bass response below 70Hz. The model XS features an integrated digital FM tuner and stereo Bluetooth playback. Music streams wirelessly to the Geneva Sound System Model XS from any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as iPad, iPhone, and other smartphones and tablets. Other audio sources can be connected via the included 3.5mm line-in cable. Advanced embedded digital technology allows the Model XS to produce stunning and expansive stereo sound that belies its compact size.

The rechargeable lithium battery will play music at peak volume for five hours. There are seven days of battery life with the case open showing the clock’s time; with the case closed it will keep time for up to one year before needing a recharge. A charger is included.

A periscope antenna is hidden in the base. When in FM mode, the system switches its digital amplifier into analogue mode, to ensure optimal FM reception without interference. The digital clock can be programmed to wake up to a favorite radio station or a beeping alarm, making it an ideal bedside and travel companion.

Pricing & Availability

The Geneva Sound System Model XS will be available in Mid-October 2011 at a recommended local retail price of S$299.00. It will be retailing at authorized Geneva Lab dealers such as EpiCentre, TANGS Orchard, Isetan, Robinsons, DG Lifestyle Store, TwoBros @ Serangoon Garden Village and Lenbrook’s own Geneva showroom at Shaw Tower (Beach Road).

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