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Free Mobile Apps Drain Battery Faster?

Free Mobile Apps Drain Battery Faster?


A recent study by Purdue University on battery consumption and app usage reveals that, on a whole, free apps with advertisement consume a startling amount of energy. In fact, in the case of popular game Angry Birds, as much as 80% of its total battery consumption was used to power advertisements rather than the game itself.

Findings suggested that in one case 75% of an app's energy consumption was spent on powering advertisements... In the case of Angry Birds, research suggested that only 20% of the total energy consumption was used to actually play the game itself. Of the rest, 45% is used finding out your location with which it can serve targeted advertising.

Although it's no surprise that free apps, with its advertisements, would consume more energy, we were quite shocked to discover the extent of which these advertisements drain battery life. 

Source: BBC

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