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Firefox (Fennec) on Android Almost Ready

Firefox (Fennec) on Android Almost Ready

There's lots of mobile web browsers out there, and while the limelight has gone to Opera having its Opera Mini approved and ready on the iPhone App Store, let's not forget another mobile web browser that has been in the works for a long time. That's right, the mobile version of Firefox, or known as Fennec. Fennec was supposed to be ready for deployment early this year, but there hasn't been an offiical launch yet.

GSM Arena - We expected the Fennec (a.k.a. Firefox for Android) to show up a few months ago but it didn't. While you're waiting for the final version of the app to be unveiled you can try out its pre-beta release which is now available for download.

However, Android users can embark on their own testing phase using the pre-release version. To get it, point your Android web browser to Do note that this version requires Android 2.0 (Eclair), so you'll need devices such as the Motorola Milestone, HTC Legend or Google Nexus One to test it out. Check out more info about Fennec over here.

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