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Firefox 3.6 Released and Reviewed

Firefox 3.6 Released and Reviewed

Everyone's favorite fox gets an incremental boost: Mozilla has just officially released Firefox 3.6, which now comes with new features like Personas, a way of allowing users to change the appearance of Firefox with a single click, improved JavaScript performance, support for new CSS attributes and other improvements that would please developers. If you're still unsure, check out the review:

Ars Technica - Mozilla's Firefox got a bit hotter today with the official release of version 3.6, a noteworthy update of the popular open source Web browser. It's an incremental improvement that introduces a modest assortment of new features and expands the browser's support for emerging Web standards. It will add fuel to the fire as the flame-throwing fox continues to scorch Internet Explorer's declining marketshare, bringing more choice and openness to the Web.

Click here to read the article and here to download the new browser.

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