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Facebook Newsfeeds Hit by Pornography

Facebook Newsfeeds Hit by Pornography

A barrage of pornographic and violent photos have infiltrated a substantial number of Facebook users' newsfeeds, as reported by TechWatch. They include digitally manipulated photographs of celebrities engaging in sex acts as well as lurid and disturbing images, such as a photo of a dead dog for instance.

Expectedly, this latest act of privacy invasion has left many threatening to deactivate their accounts. But like many 'addicted' users on the social networking platform, it remains to be seen if they do disable their profiles eventually. It isn't clear how these images were propagated around the site, but according to security specialists, Sophos, the pictures may be a result of a "clickjacking" scheme which lures users into clicking on links which harbor malicious codes.

Other possible causes for the unsolicited propagation include weak privacy settings or being 'tagged' without the user's knowledge. Some also speculated that hacktivist group, Anonymous, may be responsible for this onslaught. Although they did not bring down the site as threatened on November 5th, some suspect this latest incursion may well be a belated attack. 

Facebook is investigating the security breach, but it is apparent that the social networking firm needs to resolve this quickly or they might run the risk of losing some of its subscribers.

Source: TechWatch

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