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EVGA Classified SR-X Motherboard Launched!

EVGA Classified SR-X Motherboard Launched!

EVGA has launched its Classified SR-X motherboard that features Intel C606 chipset. This chipset is a member of Intel C600 chipset family and collectively with the Intel X79 Express chipset; they were codenamed 'Patsburg'. The Classified SR-X is a dual-socket (LGA2011) board that exclusively supports Intel Xeon E5 processors. The board has twelve DIMM slots (supporting up to 96GB of memory) and seven PEG slots with support for 4-way SLI/CrossFireX multi-GPU setup.

This monstrous motherboard measures 38.1cm in width and 34.54cm in length, and its form factor is HPTX. Its Intel C606 chipset supplies the board with native support for SAS and SATA 6Gbps. The board has other high-end features like dedicated voltage read points for troubleshooting purposes. There are also two separate set of DIMM switches, allowing memory DIMM and PCIe slots to be disable individually. This makes troubleshooting faulty memory modules or faulty graphics cards less of a tedious task.

For overclockers looking to get their hands on the board, they may be thwarted in their overclocking attempts. According to EVGA, the Intel Xeon E5 CPUs have had their multipliers locked and the board itself does not scale very well on high bus clock frequencies. The Classified SR-X is available now since EVGA first unveiled it at CES 2012.

Source: EVGA, Tom's Hardware


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