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Electrowetting: e-readers With Color

Electrowetting: e-readers With Color

Electrowetting may sound like a kinky term used for bedroom action, but it is actually an applied science which makes this color e-book reader possible. Before you argue that Apple's iPad can already do both color and videos, take a look at this alternative technology which involves the movement of colored oil when triggered by small electrical charges.

BBC - A colour e-reader that supports video and potentially web browsing has been shown off by Dutch researchers. The prototype uses screen technology - based on century-old science - that its makers say is up to four times more energy efficient than LCD screens. Once established in the e-reader market, Dutch firm Liquavista hope to see its displays integrated into other devices in the future. But analysts question whether consumers will be enticed by the greener gadgets. Liquavista said it expects the first e-readers using the "electrowetting" technology to be available by the middle of 2011 and the technology to then become more widespread.

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