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Earn 500MB of Free Storage Space with Dropbox Referrals

Earn Double the Storage Space with Dropbox Referrals


Cloud-based storage service Dropbox has doubled the free storage space for every successful referral to its service. 

If you have a free account, you can invite up to 32 people for a total of 16GB of extra space. This works out to 500MB per successful referral for both parties. Pro account users earn 1GB per referral and get up to 32GB of extra storage capacity.

Dropbox recently offered up to 4.5GB of free storage space for users who were willingly to test out its experimental new build 1.3.12, which allows automatic syncing of photos and videos from cameras, SD cards and mobile phones with their accounts. Facebook integration is also added to Dropbox, enabling users to share their Dropbox folders with friends via their Facebook names. 

Source: Dropbox Blog

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