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Dropbox Goes to Android

Dropbox Goes to Android

If you're tired of bringing along a thumbdrive or portable HDD to and fro for work, leaving everything on the internet for ready access, then you probably heard of Dropbox before. The online file hosting service not only provides data storage solutions in the cloud, it also synchronizes any changes made on the client and reflects the said changes to the files in the server. And apparently, on the Android version, it comes with live streaming of music and video files.

Download Squad - Dropbox is pretty much consensus. It's great, and one of the only complaints that can be heard about it is that it's not widespread enough. For example, while it does have an iPhone app, it's still missing an Android client. Apparently, not for long. The upcoming Android client will have live streaming, as well as file download support. Editing files on the go will reflect the changes in the Dropbox, and you could upload videos to the Dropbox instantly and share their public links.

There's still no news of when this app will be reaching Android, and whether it's going to be a free app. For now, check out some of the screenshots here.

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