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DivX HD Going to Samsung Wave and Galaxy S

DivX HD Going to Samsung Wave and Galaxy S

HD content viewing on mobile phones? There's still a lot of questions revolving around that concept. But Samsung is still going ahead by adding the DivX HD certification onto its upcoming Samsung Wave and Galaxy S. That's right, you can watch 720p videos on the rich display as provided by the Super AMOLED technology on these new phones.

Engadget - Want some DivX-encoded 720p goodness on your fancy new superphone? Samsung will be the way to go, at least in the short term. The Korean company has announced that its Bada-infused Wave handset will be the first phone with certified support for DivX HD playback, with the freshly announced, Android-driven, Galaxy S following up at an unspecified point in time.

But still, when it comes to HD content, one does wonder how it'll turn out on the modest 4-inch screens out there. But we won't deny that it'll be just as great to watch everything in sharp details and bid farewell to pixalted videos. Check out the full story here.

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