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ASUS Releases Its DSL-N12U Black Diamond Modem Router

ASUS Releases Its DSL-N12U Black Diamond Modem Router

ASUS launches the DSL-N12U Black Diamond modem router.

Offering automatic WAN/3G switching via unique fail-over architecture to make sure connections stay on even when ADSL stops working, the DSL-N12U is equipped with a surge protection of 4000V, making it lightning-proof. Its antenna drives a strong and reliable signal, expanding the Wi-Fi range, so transmissions can better overcome structural and environmental barriers, leading to more consistent wireless connections with lower lag and latency.

Also, it features the ASUS EZ All-in-One Printer, which allows multiple users to share printers and scanners without the need to purchase a standalone server. More printing jobs can be undertaken with reduced queue times and simultaneous task processing.

Source: ASUS

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