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Android 4.0 Spotted on Huawei Honor

Android 4.0 Spotted on Huawei Honor

Google's latest Android 4.0 OS, dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich, will be coming real soon. Companies such as HTC and Sony Ericsson have committed themselves to upgrading their current lineup with the new Android OS. However, it seems like the company that made the first move is Huawei.

Images of Android 4.0 on the Honor were spotted on Weibo. Posted by Huawei's Yu Chengdong, the post mentioned that he's currently using a black color Huawei Honor, loaded with Android's latest 4.0 operating system. The post ended off with an apologetic note for disturbing everyone in their sleep.

Further to that, on Huawei's website, a demo build of Android 4.0 for the Huawei Honor was spotted under its model number U8860. The software tab shows two software downloads, one of which is labelled as Ice Cream Sandwich. Within the ZIP file, instructions were given for the Ice Cream Sandwich installation on the Honor. Given that this is a demo version, there are also instructions to roll the Honor back to its preloaded Gingerbread state.

Huawei has taken a price-conscious approach for its smartphone lineup, with prices set much lower than its competitors for its Android devices. With this move to introduce the latest Android software, albeit a demo build, for consumers, it's safe to say that the company is definitely taking a more aggressive approach to slug it out with fellow Android vendors in the months to come.

The Chinese company recently launched the Huawei Honor, which will be available in Singapore from 16th December. Huawei did mention that the Android 4.0 update will be coming to the Honor, though details of the update availability were not made known to us. Priced at S$S$528, you can probably get the Honor at a much better price with the subsidy from a two-year telco contract.

So if you're feeling adventurous, you might want to check out how the demo build of Android 4.0 works on the new Huawei smartphone if you do get one.

Source: Huawei via The Verge


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