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Android 2.1 Coming Soon To A Droid Near You

Android 2.1 Coming Soon To A Droid Near You

Like the title suggests, Acer and Samsung aren't the only ones interested in the Android 2.1 update. According to news reports from Android Central, Motorola will fire their first volley of Android 2.1-based Droids today with a cautious release of 250,000 units for the initial salvo. 

Android Central - And just like that, we now have the date for the official Motorola Droid's Android 2.1 update. It was just approved today and will be rolled out in batches of 250,000 starting this Thursday, March 18, at high noon (EDT). So if you don't get it in the first batch, hang on for a little bit. Or, even better, once we have the download link it should be no problem to apply the update manually, just as we did for Android 2.0.1.

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