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AMD's Upcoming 6-core CPU to have Turbo Mode

AMD's Upcoming 6-core CPU to have Turbo Mode

AMD's Thuban, 6-core processors are heading our way soon, so the company has seen fit to release more details about the inner workings of AMD's first consumer 6-core processor. The new processors will work on existing AM3 motherboards and the highlight of the day is that it too will have something similar to Intel's Turbo Boost, which AMD dubs 'Turbo Core'

AnandTech - Last month Intel introduced its first desktop 6-core CPU, the 32nm Gulftown Core i7 980X. Running at 3.33GHz we loved the fact that it’s quite possibly the first Extreme Edition part that is able to justify its price. For $999 you get six cores and better performance all in the same power envelope as the current high end quad-core i7s. The 980X is a great chip, but spending $999 on a single component in your PC is a tough sell for most folks. Luckily, AMD is coming out with its own 6-core processors codenamed Thuban.

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