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AMD Reclaims Former CTO of Graphics Product Group, Raja Koduri

AMD Reclaims Former CTO of Graphics Product Group, Raja Koduri

AMD revealed its former CTO of Graphics Product Group, Mr. Raja Koduri has rejoined its ranks after he left Apple. He will lead engineering efforts in visual computing, reporting to Chief Technology Officer Mark Papermaster, another former Apple executive.

In January this year, we reported AMD had rehired another former Apple executive, Mr. Wayne Meretsky who was previously technical lead for OS X at Apple, who be joined AMD as vice president of software IP development. AMD also hired former senior vice president of engineering at Qualcomm, Mr. Charlie Matar. This is seen as a move by AMD to expand beyond PC chips that could have possible kicked off in August 2012 when AMD rehired Mr. Jim Keller who was previously chief chip architect for Apple, and helped develop Apple's A-series processors used in both the iPhone and iPad.

Just last week, during AMD's earnings call briefing, CEO Rory Read reiterated the importance of the PC market, and he outlined their " approach to leverage reusable IP blocks..." that will allow AMD to use the foundational technology from their processor and GPU offerings to reach new markets. One such market is that of gaming consoles and CEO Read projected that twenty per cent of the company's revenue will be from outside its traditional market PCs and servers by the fourth quarter of this year. Hence, it remains to be seen of the additional of AMD's former star graphics chop designer Raja Koduri will help shore up CEO Read's projection.

(Source:, Seeking Alpha)

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