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AMD Lowers Prices for Radeon HD 7000 Series Cards

AMD Lowers Prices for Radeon HD 7000 Series Cards

AMD is planning for a new round of price cuts of its Radeon HD 7000 graphics cards, affecting the 7900 and 7800 series. This move by AMD is seen as a response to the launch of NVIDIA's GTX GeForce 660 Ti GPU. According to AnandTech, the price cuts will take effect this week.

The AMD Radeon HD 7950 has been priced as low as US$319, down from around US$349, while the 7870 GHz Edition and the 7850 will be priced at US$249 and US$209 respectively. For our performance analysis of the NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti, we determined its winning performance against the Radeon HD 7870. The GTX 660 Ti also outperformed the high-end, and more expensive, Radeon HD 7950 on most occasions.

Although the Radeon HD 7870 is currently more competitively priced, its lackluster performance against the NVIDIA newcomer may not make it more appealing to consumers. The odds are still stacked against the Radeon HD 7950 even with its new cost. Earlier this year, in July, AMD had put into effect a round of price reductions for its Radeon HD 7000 series cards. We feel that this current round of price cuts may not be deep enough to stave off the competition from the NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti GPU.

In addition to the price cuts AMD will be announcing a new game bundle featuring the recently released Sleeping Dogs, which will replace the current DiRT Showdown bundle. According to AnandTech, only the Radeon HD 7800 series cards will be receiving the new game bundle.

(Source: AMD via AnandTech)

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