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AMD Cuts Price of Flagship 8-core FX-8150

AMD Cuts Price of Flagship 8-core FX-8150

According to Fudzilla, AMD has cut the price of its flagship Bulldozer CPU, the FX-8150, from ~S$360 (€219) to ~S$296 (€180). This 22% price discount will put the FX-8150 at the same price as that of a mid-range quad-core i5 desktop Ivy Bridge processor. This was first noticed when European retailers reduced the price for the 8-core FX-8150.

This price cut should be in response to the recent launch of Intel Ivy Bridge processors; however, it is not certain if this price reduction exercise will be extended to the rest of the Bulldozer series. It is plausible that AMD may offer similar price discounts to their Llano Fusion APUs in light of a pending Trinity launch in just a few weeks.

(Source: Fudzilla)

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